Doctors Declare:

“We Won’t Begin Anti-Aging Treatments Without This…”

"NEW 3D Facial Scan Helps You Identify And Stop Six Devastating Aging Problems Before It's Too Late"

Dear Friend, 

No one wants to age rapidly. In fact you’d want to turn back the clock to days when your skin was plump, tight and youthful. 

What you’re about to discover is the closest thing to turning back the clock, and protecting your skin from rapid breakdown…

#1 Identify Fine Lines Before They Become Deep Wrinkles

They first appear as fine razor thin lines, then eventually develop into deep crevices that make you look older than you are. Scan to capture them before they get a chance to “multiply”.

#2 Switch Off Excessive Oiliness

Excessive oil triggers clogged pores, acne and other issues. Identify where your oily areas are so you’re prepared and not caught off-guard with a sudden bout of oiliness.

#3 Shrink And Minimise Large Pores

Huge pores makes your face look old and unclean. Whilst tiny, minimized pores create a youthful, smooth almost porcelain look. Finally, you can accurately map out problem areas.

#4 Smooth Uneven Skin Colour

Having one side of your face be a different colour than the other creates a messy appearance. To erase unevenness, you’ll need to first identify it.

#5 Pinpoint Red Spots & #6 Brown Spots Before They Get Worse

Dive under the surface of your skin to identify pre-developed patches of blood red spots and brown pigmentation. Fix it before an eruption of these colours rears its unwanted head.

The Whole Process Takes Just 15 mins

In no more than 15 minutes, it’s all over.

Displayed before you, the truth about your skin, with an analysis more thorough than you’ve ever had in your life. 

At last, you’re armed with the proper diagnosis, allowing you to take the right actions to slow down aging like never before. 

Is This Your Only Chance To Get Custom Anti-Aging Treatment Tailored To Your Skin?

You may have bought anti-aging treatments in the past, declaring to yourself, “THIS is going to work”… 

And yet they failed, again! 

Without deep skin analysis of how your skin looks like beneath the surface, you might as well dump every single cream, lotion or treatment you’ve ever bought. 

Anti-aging treatments need to be tailored, customized and designed specifically for your current skin condition. 

The good news is, you can finally get started now…

By Appointment Only

At Covette, we often have expats and locals alike crowded in our various treatment rooms.

It’s not only because of the incredible location, Ion Orchard.

Our trained staff are the best of the best. From the front line, to our doctors. With decades of experience in welcoming, pampering, treating and taking care of patients. 

Which is why, our facility has an appointment only policy. 

This ensures our attention is focused on patients who need us the most. 

Yes, It’s Real

When you dial our number 6921 7875 to make your appointment and then, walk into our gilded, newly renovated, $2 million space… 

You’ll notice one glaring thing. The price tag on this 3D scan, is jaw-dropping. 

It’s actually so low, you’ll be shocked… 

Spaces Are Strictly Limited

At any one time, 28 people can comfortably fit into our location. 

When the number of people surpass this, the doors will close and we won’t be able to admit more people.

Which is why it’s always a good idea to dial for an appointment at your first chance.

If the phone lines are busy, please try again.

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