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What is Breast Augmentation?

Breasts can be augmented with implants or injecting your own fat. Around the world, breast implants are most commonly used, however, Asian patients are not so comfortable with others knowing that they have had plastic surgery and many Asian women choose to use their own fat to enlarge their breasts.


Breast Implants:

Implants are placed either under your breast or under the pectorals muscle. Silicone implants are our first choice but saline implants are available upon request.


Fat Grafting:

Your own fat is harvested from any part of your body that has unwanted fat. The fat is processed and injected through small incisions around your breasts.

Ideal Candidate

You are a good candidate for breast augmentation if you are not satisfied with the size or shape of your breasts and your breasts have stopped developing.

Will my scar be visible?

Surgical incisions are strategically hidden under the breasts, in the armpit or around the areolar. These scars will only be visible if someone has a very close look.


For fat grafting the scars are very small and usually unnoticeable.

Can Fat Grafting be combined with Breast Implants?

Yes, fat grafting can be used in addition to breast implants to give a more natural look.

How long is the recovery?

Any bruising and swelling will take about 2 weeks to resolve, but you can return to work as early as the next day.

How long will implants last? Will I need to change them?

Breast implants may need to be replaced or removed if you experience complications such as rupture of the implant or hardening of the implant. If you do not experience these problems then it is not necessary to remove them. In general, the lifespan is around 20 years.

Does breast augmentation cause breast cancer?

No, there is no evidence showing an increased incidence of breast cancer in patients who have had breast augmentation.

Will I lose any sensation in my nipples or breasts?

While the risk is low, there is a small risk of permanent loss of nipple or breast sensation.

Will I be able to breastfeed after having implants?

Yes, breast augmentation will not affect your ability to breastfeed.

Will the implants make mammograms less accurate in detecting breast cancer?

Breast implants can block between 10-25% of the breast during mammography. There are special mammographic views that are performed in women who have breast implants in order to optimise the view as well as not to disrupt your implant.

What are the possible risks of breast implant surgery?

While the surgery itself is very safe, there are complications that can develop sometime after the surgery. For that reason, it is very important that your surgeon takes steps to reduce these risks.


Capsular contracture is a thickening of the scar tissue surrounding the implant. If the tissue hardens it can cause pain and deformation of your breasts. Many factors are believed to contribute to hardening of the scar tissue. Our surgeons take steps to minimise the risk of capsular contracture.


Rupture of breast implants can occur if the implant is subjected to trauma or if the implant shell breaks spontaneously. Therefore, it is important that your surgeon uses high quality implants.

Fat Grafting sounds great, why doesn’t everyone choose Fat Grafting?

Fat grafting is a very good option for breast augmentation, however, you need to be a suitable candidate. The best candidates have minimal droopiness of their breasts and have sufficient fat elsewhere to transfer to their breasts (although this is rarely a problem). Also, in order to achieve a large augmentation a patient may need 2 to 3 sessions as only about 400mls can be grafted to each breast in each session. If too much fat is injected at one time, some of the fat may not survive, resulting in lumps in your breast. 

Can I see what my breasts will look like after surgery?

A computer simulation of the surgery can be done for you to give you an idea of the possible result after surgery.

*Disclaimer: Results vary according to individual.
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