Ear deformities are very common and can be psychologically traumatic. Many simple ear deformities can be corrected non-surgically at birth. Seek an opinion from a plastic surgeon early to see if non-surgical correction is appropriate.
You may have ear deformities that you’ve had your whole life or you may have sustained a deforming injury to your ear. Correction of these ear deformities is usually possible with a small procedure. 

Frequently Asked Questions

My newborn’s ear looks a bit funny, what should I do?

Minor ear deformities are best corrected with ear splinting in the first few months just after birth. Excellent results can be achieved with splinting alone. Any parent with a newborn with an ear deformity should seek out a plastic surgeon for an opinion within the first month of age.

When should I correct my child’s ear deformity?

Sometimes children with ear deformities are teased at school. It’s recommended to correct the deformity before this happens to avoid any psychological stress. The ideal age is around 6-7 years of age.

Do I need to stay in hospital?

Procedures on the ear are generally minor procedures. You can usually be discharged the same day.

Are these procedures covered by insurance?

They may be, but it depends on your individual policy.

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