Torn Earlobes occur when earrings are pulled and cause the earlobe to tear. Most people do not seek immediate treatment, but immediate repair gives the best results.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Torn Earlobes?

Torn Earlobes occur when earrings get caught on something and tear the earlobe.  If this happens it should be repaired immediately to prevent the wound edges from healing over leaving a gap in the earlobe.


Sometimes the pierced hole is slowly stretched over many years, this is not an emergency but it can also be repaired.

Ideal Candidate

Acutely torn earlobes should be repaired immediately. If you have been wearing heavy earrings and have noticed the hole enlarging then you are also a candidate for repair.

When should I repair my earlobes?

If the tear happens abruptly then it’s best to repair it immediately. If the tear happens over the course of months to years, then there is no urgency.

What will happen if I don’t repair my earlobes?

In an abrupt tear, if not repaired, the wound edges will heal over with new skin and you will end up with a large hole or a gap in your earlobe.

Will my insurance cover the treatment?

It depends on your policy, but if it happens traumatically, insurance may cover the repair.

*Disclaimer: Results vary according to individual.
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