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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best method to create double eyelid folds?

Depending on your suitability we can use either suture methods or incisional methods to create a double eyelid fold. The best method will depend on your condition and what look you want to achieve. In most younger patients, suture methods are suitable. If there is excess skin that needs to be removed or droopiness needs to be corrected, use of incisional techniques may be best.

What is the best method for removal of eyebags?

We believe the best results are achieved using surgical methods. Non-surgical methods may give you some result for a short while, but they will not be permanent.  Surgical methods are essentially scarless. The scar can be completely hidden or very well concealed.

One eye is bigger than the other, how can this be corrected?

This is usually caused by ptosis (drooping) of one or both of the upper eyelids. The asymmetry can be addressed during ptosis correction procedures.

Are these procedures covered under my insurance policy?

If your vision is affected, it is possible that your insurance may cover the cost of these procedures.

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