Do you feel your eyes are too far apart or you would like to have bigger eyes?
Surgical procedures to the inner and outer aspects of the eyelids can change the shape of your eye and make your eyes look bigger.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Epicanthoplasty?

Many Asians have a fold of skin at the inner eyelid near the nose. It is a normal feature amongst the Asian population. In some people it can make it seem like their eyes are ‘crossed’ or too far apart. A medial epicanthoplasty can be done to remove the fold of skin and correct these problems. 


Sometimes creation of a double eyelid crease may aggravate the problems with an epicanthal fold, as it results in a more rounded rather than almond shaped eye. To prevent this, your plastic surgeon may recommend a medial epicanthoplasty at the same time as your double eyelid surgery.

Surgery around area of the eyelid closest to your ear is called lateral epicanthoplasty. In these surgeries, the eye opening can be enlarged and the lower eyelid and be repositioned to a lower position, giving you larger eyes.

Who is an ideal candidate for Epicanthoplasty?

Medial epicanthoplasty is recommended for patients who desire a high double eyelid crease or a ‘parallel’ crease. In patients who want a higher crease, the skin fold will be accentuated and the eye will become more round. Parallel creases are more common in the Caucasian population, performing a medial epicanthoplasty will give the eye a more harmonious appearance.

What is the best method for Epicanthoplasty?

There are many methods that can be used for epicanthoplasty. Your surgeon can discuss the options with you.

What are the risks?

There is a small risk of infection and bleeding with any surgical procedure. There is a risk of visible scarring.

Will I be awake during surgery?

The procedure will be done while you are awake, under local anaesthesia. 

Can I open my eyes after surgery?

You will experience some swelling, but you will be able to open your eyes.

When can I wear eye makeup?

You shouldn’t apply eye makeup for 2 weeks after the procedure.

Will the surgery leave a scar?

Any cut in the skin will leave a mark, we will do our best to minimise any scars.

*Disclaimer: Results vary according to individual.
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