The procedures that we offer include brow lifting, upper eyelid lifting, mid-cheek lifting, lower face lifting and neck lifts.


Facelifting procedures are useful for someone that has droopy brows, droopy cheeks or a droopy neck.


Even if you think you are too young for a full facelift, your appearance may be enhanced by lifting of selective areas such as the mid-cheek, brow or eyelids.

Will people be able to see my scar?

Surgical incisions are hidden in the hairline and along lines around your ear. Scars should are only visible if someone has a very close look.

How long is the recovery?

You will experience some bruising and swelling for 2 weeks. You can apply makeup after 1 week. If sutures need to be removed, they will be taken out after 1 week.

When can I return to work?

You can return to work after 1 -2 weeks.

What are the risks?

Complications after facelift surgery are rare, they can be devastating but more commonly are temporary. 


Necrosis of the skin can occur especially if you are a smoker, you should stop smoking at least 1 month prior to your surgery. Damage to the nerves controlling your facial muscles can occur in 1% of patients. If it does happen it is usually temporary.

Will my face look natural?

The goal of your surgery is to give you back your youthful appearance. In the end you will look like a younger version of yourself.

How long will it last?

Nothing is permanent. You will continue to age, but the clock will be turned back by about 10 years.

Will I be asleep during the surgery?

Yes, the surgery will be done under sedation or full general anaesthesia.

How long will the procedure take?

Depending on what needs to be done, the procedure can take between 2-6 hours.

*Disclaimer: Results vary according to individual.
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