Surface Aesthetics

Treatment that even celebrities will admit to indulge in (unlike Botox)

A variety of pigment-types can be treated

Different skin laser Treatments are available from Covette

Treatments are FDA & HSA approved

Pico Laser 529 x 353px

Pigmentation & Rejuvenation The Pico Laser

  • Our Covette Signature Skin rejuvenation procedure is performed using The Discovery Pico Laser, one of the most powerful laser in its class.
  • It is a non-ablative laser that is mainly used for pigmentation removal, skin rejuvenation and brightening.
  • Being a second-generation pico laser, it generates a very high consistent peak power through ultrashort pulses.
  • This ensures that results are faster, and more effective with fewer sessions.

Acne Management

  • Active acne can be treated using the soft carbon peel laser technique
  • The laser energy reduces the P.acne bacteria and controls oil production.
  • Combination with LED light calms and reduces inflammation.
Surface Aesthetics - Acne Management
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Hydration & Revitalization SkinBooster

  • The Covette Signature SkinBooster contains the high quality Hyaluronic acid and is fully doctor-administered.
  • Additional nutrients and antioxidants can be combined depending on your need.
  • Restore skin hydration and reduce the appearance of large pores and fine lines.
  • Rejuran Healer is a type of SkinBooster using polynucleotides to address aging skin by rejuvenating and repairing the skin from inside.

Texture and Scar Revision

  • Acne scars and post-traumatic scars can be reduced by fractional technology.
  • This can be delivered using ablative CO2 laser or fractional radiofrequency.
  • Our SmartXide CO2 laser provides strong and effective resurfacing and scar treatment.
  • Our Venus VIVA delivers nanofractional technology designed to gently resurface and rejuvenate the skin.
CO2 Laser
Surface Aesthetics - Spots Bumps & Moles

Spots, Bumps and Moles

  • Our SmartXide CO2 laser is a precise ablative tool able to remove milia seeds, warts and skin tags by vaporasation.
  • Larger lesions like moles will need to be medically assessed and may be removed using laser without the need for excision and suturing.