Inspire life’s transformation from within. Be empowered to make the change you have always desired with the help of your personal Wellness and Nutrition counsellor, by developing a couturier wellness vision and lifestyle strategies that integrate diet, exercise and stress management.

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Epigenetic Nutritional Mapping

Run an Epigenetic Nutritional Analysis test to discover which nutritional & environmental factors are having an impact on your body's cells.

What to expect?

  • Our professional nutritionist will run through the report with you and provide the guidance on necessary adjustments to your diet, nutrition & lifestyle, for a healthier and more beautiful you.
  • A special 90 days programme cated to your specific Body needs.

Nutritionist Consultation

Meet our Nutitionist: Lavanya Nair
A Health Food Specialist and Holistic Nutritionist, Lavanya specialising in medicine through food and natural remedies through healthier eating.

What to expect?

  • Look and feel your very best by restoring balance to your body.
  • A diet plan and wellness program for clients to achieve weight loss goals, stress relief and sleep apnea.
  • A prescription of the right mix of supplements to take you through your wellness needs.
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